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Investment Philosophy


We believe the path to sustainability runs through market solutions. The environmental markets present a unique opportunity to grow wealth and inspire a zero-carbon future today and for generations to come.

Isla Verde Capital provides an avenue to take advantage of the opportunities created by environmental markets.

Our Approach

Our approach to markets is data-driven but we know that a personal touch is the foundation for a sustainable business relationship. Our team works diligently to provide our trading partners with a reliable resource for risk management solutions. Whether you are looking for structured transactions, access to new assets, or a unique solution for your needs, we have the experience and flexibility to tailor a solution for you.

Why Isla Verde Capital

With a combined 30+ years’ experience in the environmental commodity markets, our team has a wide network and deep knowledge of the space. Our combination of fundamental analysis, market knowledge, and portfolio management allows us to not only find opportunities as they arise in these ever-changing markets, but to manage the volatility associated with these changes.

Our Markets

Carbon Emissions

We deal in voluntary carbon offset markets across project types that satisfy a variety of commitments and needs

Renewable Energy

We are active in renewable energy attribute markets such as RECs and IRECs for all qualifying technologies


We work with attributes for a wide range of industry and local programs such as renewable portfolio standards and clean fuel programs

Meet our team members


Dr,Nasser Mohsin


Nasser is currently CO-CIO of Isla Verde Capital. He graduated with a BSc In Financial Mathematics and MSc in Energy and Environmental finance and brings with him 5+ years of experience managing an environmental commodities portfolio. Nasser started his career in renewable energy markets where he developed a robust RECs trading desk in the voluntary space, he then helped develop a voluntary carbon desk; he handled all aspects of the desk, and is a subject matter expert on EAC’s.


Ronnie Virissimo


Ronnie brings over 15 years of environmental commodity markets experience. Ronnie has been a part of the growth of a variety of programs and products over the years and has held a membership in the clean fuels coalition. His early career saw him develop the trade of fuel ethanol between South America and the US as part of the Renewable Fuels Program before moving into the growing Low Carbon Fuels markets where he brokered over a half billion dollars of California LCFS credits. Over the past few years he has proven himself a capable trader in the carbon credit markets from compliance to voluntary programs across the US and the world. Ronnie holds a B.A. Economics and Anthropology, University of Chicago.


Dr. Nasser Kutkut


Dr. Nasser Kutkut is a serial entrepreneur with 28+ years of technology leadership and management experience developing and commercializing innovative battery management and renewable energy technologies. Since 1995, Dr. Kutkut founded and co-founded  a number of high-tech companies that developed and commercialized innovative battery management technologies for motive and stationary power battery markets.  Dr. Kutkut is the founder and CEO of Smart Charging Technologies, a leader in energy credit management services generating more than $400MM in carbon credits.

Dr. Kutkut holds a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Doctorate in Business Administration in entrepreneurship and marketing from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France. He is a holder of 23 issued U.S. and international patents. 

Compliance Officer

Dr. Ahmed Abualsamid

PhD: Compliance Officer

Dr. Ahmad Abualsamid is a serial entrepreneur who founded several fintech and tech companies. Most recently, co-founding StratEx, bootstrapping it from an idea on a napkin to the largest privately held national provider of HCM SaaS, processing billions of dollars of annual payroll and eventually exiting to Toast. Dr. Abualsamid holds a Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation from UCF, Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Computer Engineering from UW-Madison, as well as a graduate diploma in Cognitive Psychology

Investment Officer

Khalid Rustom

PhD: Investment Manager

Dr. Khalid Rustom is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in the clean tech industry. Founded the company who designed the first fully electric Humvee and Gator and co-founded a start up in the solar industry that received $60MM in VC funding and made over $250MM in revenue in the first few years. Most recently, he is managing the smart rebate program under smart charging technologies where he traded over $400MM in the low carbon credit market. He also co-founded Verdant Energy services that owns and operates EV charging stations and trades solar energy certificates. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical engineering and MBA degree.

Operations Manager

Sheila Nolasco

Operations Manager

Sheila Nolasco has over a decade of experience managing operations and administration for a variety of businesses across a range of industries. Her background includes the operation of retail and service industry management along with running her own firm that specialized in the administration of local and state level administrative compliance prior to joining Isla Verde Capital. Since joining Isla Verde, she has built out the company’s inventory and financial systems as well as operating their accounts receivables. 

Sheila holds a B.A. in Administration and Marketing from Inter American University of Puerto Rico.


Work with IVC

Isla Verde Capital works with a variety of market participants from project developers, power and fuel market participants, consulting firms, and other organizations looking for the right product for their sustainability needs. We take a collaborative approach with our partners to help answer the questions you may have about the products that meet your requirements, develop a risk management strategy, or create other bespoke solutions for your needs. We are happy to discuss your goals and requirements any time to tailor a solution for your organization.


Credit buyers and sellers can rely on our experience and expertise in the market to provide an outlet that is both competitive and leaves minimal impact on the market when you are looking to transact.

Risk Management

The volatility in environmental markets can be challenging to handle for many organizations. IVC is a trusted partner that can provide bespoke risk management solutions to fit your needs.


IVC can act as your face to the market, offering you access to our knowledge and approach whether you are looking to sell or buy credits in the market. We provide white glove service to develop a strategy and execute a plan for your organization.

Contact US

If you are looking for a partner in the renewable energy and environmental attribute markets or interested in opportunities to join us, fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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